About Us

We invite you into our favorite room- the kitchen. So much learning, interaction and experiences evolve in the kitchen.  We share with you our favorite original recipes that have all been a part of writing, experimentation, shopping, prepping, cleaning, cooking or baking and of course the best part tasting. Come on in and share your thoughts.

This site would not at all be possible without the help of my sister, Pauline. She is solely responsible for the website design and formatting. She has also joined me in the kitchen and added photos to our library. She is quite the artist and you will see her contributions continue. Oh yes and she has many of her own delicious culinary creations. We now call ourselves “This” (me) and “That” (Pauline) and laugh. I am very fortunate to have my sister, my friend, Pauline ("That") by my side.

My husband Bob has been quite patient through all of this and has lent his helping hand probably more often than he has wanted. He has helped me with photos, straining liquids, washing dishes, buying last minute ingredients, and has painfully listened to my writing over and over until we got it right. His love and support is immeasurable- I am more thankful to him then he knows.

Life’s little hints and helpful charts is mainly due to my mother, Margaret. As far back as I can remember she has been so determined and inquisitive, always looking for new and better ways to help make life a bit easier. She is very industrious and has so much know how for life- both inside and outside the home. Never being afraid to tackle a job- sawing trees down, snaking drains - yes that's my mom. I have learned so much from her. Not only has she been supportive, she is too generous and bought me the very new computer I am typing on and an ipad to help. I would not be as knowledgeable and could not have written part of this website without her. My life is more enjoyable and I am forever grateful. I love you Momma.

Poppa, my dad has passed on, but is in my heart every day and is always with me in the kitchen. He was a gourmet cook and has been the biggest influence in my culinary know how. I have confidence because of him. I loved to food shop with him and watch him whip up wonderful creations. At that time, I took up the job of home prep cook, dishwasher and pastry chef. He would often duplicate restaurant entrees and made them taste even better. At holiday times, my family would sit at the kitchen table for hours, just talking and eating, while he presented us proudly with one entree after another. We all carry on his traditional meals. The taste of his food lingers forever in my memory. I adored him and know he would be very proud of this website.

My boys <3 <3:
My son Christopher enjoys teasing and being a food critic. He is thankful to taste different varieties of food. Though hamburger is still his number one favorite food.

My son Michael the chef is busy working in the culinary world, always experimenting in the kitchen- at work and at home. You will continue to see his contributions, when I can catch him. His pasta and sauces are incredible.

Now for my “Foodie Buddy”, my sister Fran. There is no one on earth more fun to eat a meal with than Fran. She savors every bite and yes she "mmms, oohs" and "ahhs" when her taste buds are excited. I must confess- I hear myself chiming in.. Fran prepares the most laborious meal of the year- Thanksgiving. She sets a gorgeous table and keeps the meal traditional, it is always delicious.. Stay tuned in November..... It warms all of our hearts to gather round and graciously stuff ourselves, leaving no room for dessert. I am once again, incredibly fortunate to have her as my sister and my friend.

My mother in law Nancy loves recipes that are quick, easy and tasty. A huge spread of wonderful tasting cheeses, appetizers and all sorts of goodies adorns her Christmas table year after year. We all look forward to "Christmas at Grandma's" and have so many wonderful memories because of her love and warmth. Thankfully you will see her contributions throughout our site.

I am honored and excited to be sharing all of this with you, I have published, written, and collected many recipes, catered events, held private cooking lessons and most of the time (my personal favorite) entertain family and friends. I hope we do become one of your often visited sites, I hope we do in some way help to make your life a bit more fun and easier to manage by adding a "Dash of This and That".

We (Pauline and I) are dedicated and do strive to be “Tastefully Yours”

Thanks for visiting,
Margaret ("This")