Fall Off the Bone Crusty Picnic Pork

Do not let the 11 1/2 to 12 hours of baking time stop you from making this easy recipe. Oh the results are so worth the wait. Pockets of pork fat are filled with lots of tang and spice and infuse into the meat for hours and hours. The aroma is amazing, the presentation is amazing and the taste is amazing. Go for it!!!




One 8-9 pound picnic pork
12 cloves of garlic
3/4 cup of oregano
3/4 cup of olive oil
1/3 cup of red wine
1/3 cup of red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons of adobo
2 tablespoons of kosher or sea salt

1. Except for the pork, combine all ingredients in a blender and process to a paste like consistency. Store in a sealed glass container and refrigerate for 24 hours or more.
2. Place picnic pork in a large roasting pan, fat side up. Use a new razor and score the fat about 1/2 “ deep, vertically and horizontally creating a one inch square or diamond pattern. Stuff the scored fat and the entire surface with
the refrigerated adobo paste.
3. Pour water into the bottom of the pan until it reaches approximately one inch. Do not let the water evaporate completely. Check the pan from time to time and maintain at least 1/2 inch of water at the bottom. Cover with foil and place in a 200º F oven for 6 hours. Increase the oven temperature by 35º F every hour, until you reach 375º F keep covered and bake for an hour more.
4. Uncover the pork and continue to bake at 375 F º for 45 minutes or until a golden brown crust is formed and the meat falls off the bone.


This is a handy schedule (choose your own start time and adjust accordingly):
6am- Bake at 200º F
12pm-Bake at 235º F
1pm- Bake at 270º F
2pm-Bake at 305º F
3pm-Bake at 340º F
4pm- Bake at 375º F
5pm-Uncover the pork and continue to bake until done.



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