My son Michael came up with this inspiration in culinary school. Macerating the berries imparts deep color and flavors. It is quite special.


2 cups blueberries or blackberries (reserve 1/4 cup for decoration)
1 cup raspberries (reserve 2 tablespoons for decoration)
2 cups strawberries (reserve 1/4 cup for decoration)

1 cup sugar
1 bottle red wine
1/2 cup raspberry liquor

1/2 cup brandy
4 cups gingerale

Shaved ice
Sprigs of fresh mint

sugar or simple syrup (see recipe) to taste

1. Reserve berries as noted and place the remaining berries in a bowl, add sugar and mash together. Let macerate for an hour and strain.
2. In a large pitcher stir the berry juice, wine, raspberry liquor, brandy and gingerale.
3. Add the remaining fresh fruits, taste and adjust sugar if necessary. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.
4. Add sprigs of fresh mint and serve with skewered fruit and shaved ice.

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