Red Hearts and Romance. Why not liven up February with some Valentine's day fun.

Please share your  "heart" favorites too! 

Start off with a sultry- Goat Cheese Heart with Garnet Bacon Chutney- what a great way to tickle the senses.Goat Cheese Heart and Bacon Chutney








 Favorite Valentine's Veggie- Delicious Magenta Mash- Heart shaped creamy smooth beets and potatoes with a pungent kick.

photo 1


Plan on staying home with your family? add some fun with easy to shape- Heart Shaped Twin Meatloaves- add some fun with savory hearts.

photo 1


See   >>  Useful  ASSORTED HEART TEMPLATES - cut them out and show off your creativity.


Be prepared to be asked for this recipe. It is a favorite and we are often asked to bring "the wings" to many gatherings. Crunchy and meaty with just the right amount of finger licking spice. The sauce is really, really good and can be used for grilled meats too! 

Click Here for Recipe:  Man Oh Man Chicken Wings


Man Oh Man Chicken Wings and Sauce

Have a major weakness for Soft Pretzels?  Alton Brown's recipe is my favorite.  I've tried many other recipes and even my own.  But in this case tampering is not necessary -Alton's is a hit, just Google it.



Some personal notes:

    • I like Alton's addition of butter (or margarine) to the dough. (tried with oil- not the same)
    • Alton uses 10 cups of water to gently boil the pretzels.  I cut it in half using 5 cups water and 1/3 cup of baking soda and found it easier to manage.
    • Combine the water and baking soda together BEFORE BOILING- Do not boil the water before adding the baking soda- it can erupt like a volcano-it happened to me- my poor stove, cabinets and floor!!
    • Using  parchment paper works out very well for baking, but for cooling use a wire rack.