Good Morning!  I just added Fudgie Buttons to our cookie repertoire.  I love small cookies with huge flavors.  I made these yesterday, they are good-especially warm, but I  tweaked the recipe a bit more this morning, adding more chocolate and less sugar.  I will not have a chance to try my tweaked recipe today because I am experimenting with Cherry Snowballs now.  Tap here for the newer tweaked recipe >>> Fudgie Buttons

Fudgie Buttons


Update:  the cherry snowball dough is resting and I just finished making my favorite holiday cookie- Pizzelles- our recipe is ridiculously delicate and not a good traveler, none the less an elegant favorite.  Tap for recipe here >>  PIZZELLES

Another Update:  The cherry snowballs turned into "cherry puffs".  Good but not "website worthy".  When I get it right- I have some ideas- I will post the recipe- probably in time for Valentine's day. 🙂 



Today and tomorrow are Christmas Cookie Baking Days.  The first goal, a petite, thin, somewhat crunchy Peanut Butter cookie- packed with flavor.  A cookie that might be served at a Tapas restaurant.  I just ate the first one- Oh- I think peanut butter lover's will really like this one. Tiny, crunchy with pea-nutty wow! -  Wrap them proudly in cellophane bags and tie with ribbons- for gifts.      Press here + leave a comment.>>    Petite Peanut Butter Thins

                                      Yield:  Approximately 12 dozen

Petite Peanut Butter Thins photo 3


Note:  For a softer more old fashioned Peanut Butter Cookie- hearty and wonderful with a glass of milk- see our other Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe.