Today and tomorrow are Christmas Cookie Baking Days.  The first goal, a petite, thin, somewhat crunchy Peanut Butter cookie- packed with flavor.  A cookie that might be served at a Tapas restaurant.  I just ate the first one- Oh- I think peanut butter lover's will really like this one. Tiny, crunchy with pea-nutty wow! -  Wrap them proudly in cellophane bags and tie with ribbons- for gifts.      Press here + leave a comment.>>    Petite Peanut Butter Thins

                                      Yield:  Approximately 12 dozen

Petite Peanut Butter Thins photo 3


Note:  For a softer more old fashioned Peanut Butter Cookie- hearty and wonderful with a glass of milk- see our other Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe.



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Share and let us know your "Most Memorable" dish and why it is so special, where it originated and share a recipe or two if you please.  It is fun and comforting to read, not to mention it  just might help with planning your holiday menu or thoughts on what to bring to get togethers. 

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Most Memorable


For us:  Marge's Huge Antipasto Bowl and Nan's Shrimp Melts come to mind.  Press the "Most Memorable" button above.

I know I posted this a while back, but I was just reminded by my good friend 🙂 Personalized gifts are very thoughtful. So I added it to our list and decided to repost this -just in case -Happy Shopping!!


Gift Ideas


gift ideas