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Multi-flavored and delightful, this pungent Lemongrass Thai Soup is sure to impress. Don't let the amount of ingredients intimidate you, it all comes together fairly quick. Grilling the Shrimp instead of boiling adds an extra level of goodness. Serve alone for a satisfying light meal.


Grilled Shrimp with Lemongrass Thai Soup



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Share and let us know your "Most Memorable" dish and why it is so special, where it originated and share a recipe or two if you please.  It is fun and comforting to read, not to mention it  just might help with planning your holiday menu or thoughts on what to bring to get togethers. 

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For us:  Marge's Huge Antipasto Bowl and Nan's Shrimp Melts come to mind.  Press the "Most Memorable" button above.



Make it festive with sparkling cider and a make-ahead pumpkin shaped cheese ball. Assorted warm nuts, sliced pears and fennel make it a snap to serve.  


~Sparkling Apple Cider~
~Roasted Chestnuts/Nuts~
~Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Ball~
~Sliced Pears and Fennel~
~Assorted Crackers


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