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One of the best liqueurs to be served, especially after an italian meal. It seems to help settle digestion after a hearty meal. Refreshing, cool and lemony. This is fun to make, less costly than buying expensive limoncello and rewards in homemade flavor.


12 organic lemons
1 750 liter vodka
2 cups sugar
2 cups water

1. Clean a large Mason jar (1.5 liter or larger) with very hot water and soap. Rinse well with very hot water, or run through a dishwasher .
2. Peel just the skins of the lemon with a sharp vegetable peeler. If you see any white pith on the underside-remove it with a sharp knife.
3. Place the lemon skins in the mason jar and pour in the vodka. Store in a dark bag or cover in a towel away from sunlight for 14 days , Shake the container once a day.
4. In a small saucepan over medium heat, bring the water and sugar to a low boil, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved . Remove from the heat and cool the syrup completely. Using warm syrup will result in a cloudier limoncello.
5. Strain the macerated lemons from the vodka using a cheesecloth. If there are still unwanted bits, strain again through a clean coffee filter.
5. Return strained vodka to the jar and stir in simple syrup (sugar mixture). Let rest at room temperature for 14 days.
6. If desired store the rested limoncello into smaller bottles filling to the top, seal well. It is delicious served very cold and may be stored in the freezer.

Limoncello Day 2 (Note- Significant Color Change)

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Return strained vodka to the jar and stir in simple syrup
Let rest at room temperature for 14 days.

Note- Amazing Color

So Lemony

So Refreshing

So Summery

You are now ready to enjoy your very own homemade batch of smooth, refreshing, Summery Limoncello!!!

Suggestion: Limoncello Lemonade



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