Most Memorable

Tell us your  "Most Memorable" Christmas or Holiday dish and any thought you would like to share.  It warms the heart to keep tradition going and is so sentimental.

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We will start by adding:

Marge's Antipasto- My mom made this as far back as I can remember. I will always be able to vision her cutting, chopping and mixing all of the ingredients the night before with such care. She includes extra sharp provolone, fresh mozzarella cheese, different types of salami, sweet hard sausages, pepperoni, marinated artichokes, assorted olives, celery, capers, sometimes roasted peppers and fresh parsley.  She then says, "Did I remember to put everything in" over a humongous bowl filled to the brim. And then on Christmas day about an hour ahead of time she adds her special dressing with just the right amount of oregano.  I am craving it now, and will call to remind her how much we all look forward to her antipasto and ask her just how did this originate? She has no recipe, she goes by taste.

Nan's Shrimp Melts- My mother in law got this recipe from a newspaper over 20 years ago and has tweaked the recipe since.   Of course she adds more cheese and larger shrimp than the original recipe. I picture her sitting at the kitchen table mixing the Shrimp Melt Spread ahead of time for optimal concentration of flavors. Bubbling in the oven, we all glance over watching and waiting for that oh so familiar Christmas favorite. PRESS HERE FOR RECIPE>>SHRIMP MELTS

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