October “a time to” list

maple-303541__180 If you get to even a few things on this list consider it a head start for the holidays. Let us know your ideas and we will keep the list growing!!!

October- " A Time To.....":

  • Stock up- fill the cupboards, buy spices, baking goods, turkey pans, coffee, tea
  • Stock up on wine and liquor
  • Stock up on paper goods
  • Stock up on pet food and items
  • Stock up on cleaners and laundry detergent
  • Buy candles
  • Freshen tablecloths, napkins, clean spots off cutlery and drink ware.
  • Wash or replace curtains, bedding and pillows
  • Switch Summer clothes with Winter clothes
  • Clean or paint moldings, ceilings, do some edge cleaning
  • Paint rooms that really need sprucing up
  • Clean out the fireplace, get wood
  • Clean light fixtures, have light bulbs on hand, holiday lights
  • Tend to pending repairs
  • Make appointments now for carpet cleaning, window washing, painting, holiday parties
  • Make homemade Limoncello, fruit cakes
  • Buy tape, gift wrappings, boxes, ribbons, stamps
  • Buy gift cards
  • Take advantage of sales and coupons
  • Start to think of gift ideas and write them down, see our gift ideas page
  • Buy holiday cards and start to fill them out while the TV is on
  • Collect your favorite recipes, organize menus
  • Prune and propagate garden


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