The problem is narrowing things down for the Christmas menu. There are millions of recipes and choices. Trying to balance the menu, come up with some time savers, use different ingredients, flavors and textures all require quite a bit of thinking. Hope this menu (most of our recipes included) helps with your planning in some way.    TAP HERE>>>    CHRISTMAS MENUPOINSETTA CHRISTMAS MENU


On Christmas we set up an all day buffet and use good quality paper plates and napkins and yes even heavy duty plastic cutlery. It seems its easier to enjoy the day this way.

The plan:

Beverages- set up a small corner table of assorted beverages and ice.

Start the day with mostly appetizer, hors d' oeuvres type foods.

Move on to a soup served in extra small bowls and hand out.

Dinner Time- one or two main entrees, a few sides and a large green salad.

The Finalé- a dessert  table filled  with assorted cookies, chocolates, snowy ambrosia and cheesecakes.

 Don't forget accept any offerings of helping hands, everything seems to taste better that way.

Indeed an indulgent  festive feast served on the one special day of the year.  Enjoy your Christmas celebration!!







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Share and let us know your "Most Memorable" dish and why it is so special, where it originated and share a recipe or two if you please.  It is fun and comforting to read, not to mention it  just might help with planning your holiday menu or thoughts on what to bring to get togethers. 

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Most Memorable


For us:  Marge's Huge Antipasto Bowl and Nan's Shrimp Melts come to mind.  Press the "Most Memorable" button above.

I know I posted this a while back, but I was just reminded by my good friend 🙂 Personalized gifts are very thoughtful. So I added it to our list and decided to repost this -just in case -Happy Shopping!!


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