Wedding Party Punch 


Of course this may be used for any occasion, It was a hit at my nephews His/Her wedding shower. While in the grocery store, my sister called and asked what she should buy for punch. I blurted some ingredients and this is what we created. Now we have quite a few requests for the recipe. Adding extra sugar or simple syrup is optional- we opt to omit it.


2 fresh pineapples (slice 5 rings for decoration and the rest into bite- sized chunks)
5 maraschino cherries
1 cup strawberries, cut in quarters
1 cup red and/or green grapes, cut in half
juice of one lemon
2 cups orange juice
2 cups pineapple juice
1 750ml or a fifth of rum
1 cup peach schnapps
1 2 liter bottle gingerale
1 bottle of champagne

Small ice cubes
Sugar or simple syrup to taste (see recipe


1. First pour all liquids into a large punch bowl and stir. Taste and add extra sugar if desired.
2. Add ice
3. Top the punch with fresh fruits-arrange pineapple rings with a cherry in the center.

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